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In 2000, as was slowing winding down (for me)

I had the opportunity to engage in some litigation support and expert witness work with a prominent Dallas law firm. 

My former company, that was started in the 80’s addressed just about every area of the Internet Community and Social Networking / Media space.  Today I have the Intellectual Property / Prior Art of the 1991 version of installed and running for the purposes of invalidating Intellectual Property Patent Claims.  This Internet Prior Art will invalidate just about any Internet Social Networking / Community / Dating Patent Claim.  Please see the link below for more details.

I have worked with lawyers on a wide range of different cases in many different practice areas. 

Court Admissions:
  • Northern District of Texas
  • Eastern District of Texas
  • Eastern District of New York (Brooklyn & Manhattan)
  • Eastern District of Pennsylvania


  • Northern District of Florida - Jacksonville
Litigation Experience:

Both Plaintiff and Defendant in Civil Law Suits.
Answered subpoenas and Court Orders with Law enforcement.
Litigation Support
Fact Witness
1990 – 2000

1998: DFWISP: (Dallas Fort Worth Internet Service Provider)
Plaintiff in Civil Law Suits with Computek.
Answered subpoenas and Court Orders with Law for enforcement.
Litigation Support
Fact Witness
1995 - 2000

2000: Fujitsu vs. Cisco:
Document Discovery Production
Intellectual Property Case
Litigation Support
Susman and Godfrey

2000: Alcatel vs. Cisco/Montery*
UNIX: Data Recovery
Document Production
Software Source code analysis
Litigation Support
Susman and Godfrey

2000: Class Action Suit against CompUSA
Litigation support.
Verbal Report
Susman and Godfrey

2001: Probation Hearing:
Litigation Support
Internet Expert Witness
Testified in Court in Eastern District of Texas.

2001: People vs Reedy:
Litigation Support
Internet Expert Witness
Testified in Court in Northern District of Texas.

2001: Stantton* vs. MCI:
Telecommunications Case
Litigation Support
Expert Report
Internet Expert Witness
2001: Insurance Settlement of business destroyed in fire.
Business Analysis of Internet Service Provider
Technical Evaluation
Domain Appraisal
Loss of Business cost
Expert Report

2005: NetDate vs. Yahoo!*
Intellectual Property
Patent Analysis
Prior Art Searches
Internet Expert Witness

2006: Consulnet vs. Dynamic Investment Group*
Look and Feel
Copyright Issues
Unfair trade practices
Internet Expert Witness
Testified in Deposition
Ongoing, waiting for trial

2007: People vs Faisal Zafar*
Internet Securities Fraud Case
Pump and Dump
Internet Expert Witness
Testified in Court
Court Appointment

2007:  Data Match Enterprises of Texas LLC v., Inc., et al. *
Client:, eHarmony, SparcNetworks
Other Defendants:, FriendFinder
Internet Intellectual Property
Internet Patent Expert Witness
Prior Art Searches
Resurrect software from 1991

2008:  HVAC Agent et al  v.  Former Employee
Clients: HVAC Agent, PlumbingAgent Electrical Agent
Internet Intellectual Property
Dispute of Assets in Family Business
Testified in Court

2008:  Texakoma Operating, L.P.  v. Blogging Company
Clients: Texakoma Operating, L.P.
Internet Liable Case

2008:  Frontside Aerospace v. Worldwide Aerospace
Clients: Worldwide Aerospace
Internet Liable and Domain Squatting Case

2009:  Braddock v Braddock
Client: Plaintiff / Wife
Dispute of Assets in Divorce.
My affidavit caused withdrawal of Summary Judgment Motion

2010:  US Auto Part v. Parts Geek
Client: Defentant
Dispute of Confidential Information
Reports / Testimony
Court Admissions as Internet Expert:

2011:  ARMS v. LaRue Tactical

Internet Libel 
Reports / Testimony

2011:  Twitter

Prior Art Search
Reports & Claims Chart

2012:  Google

Prior Art Search
Prior Art

Law firms I have worked with in some way:
  • Johnson, Vaughn & Heiskell
  • Wes Ball
  • Susman and Godfrey
  • CJA / PD
  • William C. Meier
  • Robert Handfuss
  • Weil,  Gotchal and Manges
  • Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP
  • Martin Goldberg
  • Proskauer Rose LLP
  • Sheehy, Lovelace and Mayfield
  • Wood, Thacker & Weatherly, P.C.
  • Patton Boggs, LLP
  • Charles Gumm
  • Jeannine Sasser
  • Steve Angstreich
  • Posternak
  • Keker & Van Nest
  • White and Case
Prior Art Projects:
  • 1990: MatchMaker BBS
  • 1991: Ground tracking system for FAA
  • 1990: Various projects at American Airlines
  • 1989: Various projects at Lee Data Dalcom
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