Internet Expert Witness

Information Technology Consultant / Contractor

“I am a serial entrepreneur who has been the founder of several different startup companies across a variety of information technology industries yielding me diverse Business, Technical & Internet expertise.  I occasionally consult as an Internet Litigation Consultant working for law firms as an Internet Expert Witness”


I have been successfully involved in the Internet and on-line information technology businesses for over 25 years. My first business entry on the Internet actually started as a social hobby that turned into a defining milestone in my career. This hobby propelled me to becoming the CEO and a founder of an Internet Site and Social Network known as M-a-t-c-h-M-a-k-e-r.c-o-m.  The site was profitable and self funded (no venture capital) until February 1999. Over the course of M-a-t-c-h-M-a-k-e-r.c-o-m's history, I was the founding President and CEO, the first full-time employee and largest single common shareholder. Under my leadership, Jupiter Media Metrics rated us as the 2nd stickiest site on the Internet, and was growing at a rate of 8% or greater per month, making it the largest online d-a-t-i-n-g site at that time.  In 1995 when I decided to make the Dallas M-a-t-c-h-m-a-k-e-r.c-o-m my full time job, I was the only employee. By 1999, I had created a fully functional corporation with 28 full time employees and 11 remote part time employees, generating over $7 million in annual revenue. By the time we sold to Lycos in July 2000, M-a-t-c-h-m-a-k-e-r.c-o-m employed 124 people in 8 separate departments. I had developed experience and expertise in a variety of fields in order to grow this company over this very short timeline.
In the very early days of the mainstream Internet (‘90-‘97), M-a-t-c-h-M-a-k-e-r.C-o-m had over 4 million users with up to 230 million page views per month.  This explosive growth generated millions of dollars per annum.  Unlike Internet companies of today, we accomplished our substantial growth with revenues solely generated by the company and not infused or borrowed capital.  Our rapidly growing network was in competition with today’s well-known companies such as; M-a-t-c-h.c-o-m, AOL and Yahoo P-e-r-s-o-n-a-l-s.  Even with this robust group of market competitors, we became the number one s-i-n-g-l-e-s and d-a-t-i-n-g network on the Internet.  While my company was growing, the “Internet Bubble” crash of 2000 took place.  In spite of that internet crash, the company continued to garner serious financial respect and the company was sold to Lycos for 45 million US dollars in cash*2,3,4*.

  • There were over 200 other shareholders 
  • Please do not assume that I received 45 million dollars cash from the sale. 
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